The Descendents of Johann Peter Lembrich - 8,711 People
(and counting)

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(Verda Lambright Kauffman)

All of us need roots. It is interesting to see what has grown from ours during the past eighteen years since the publication of "Descendants of Johann Peter Lembrich" in 1974. We are glad to share what we have learned with you, our dear friends and relatives, now scattered to many parts of the world. This organized root system can be an introduction of the Lembrich descendants to each other. We hope you will enjoy using the book. There are several spellings of the family name: Lambright, Lembright, Lembrich, Lemberich, Lembrecht, Lamberech, Lemperig. In the census records we saw yet other spellings.

If you are acquainted with other family record books, this one needs little explanation. Each descendant is given a number when he or she first appears in the record. It appears before the name. The number following a name refers to the parents of that person, and tells where to find them. Sometimes stillborns and some other children who died soon after birth, were not given numbers. In a few cases letters were added to numbers to handle late alterations to the manuscript. Even with great effort, because of the enormity of this project and our human fraility, it has been very difficult to be totally consistent and correct. If occupations were listed for both spouses, we listed first the occupation of the name appearing in capitals. The same is generally true for religious affiliations, although in this case, there is more irregularity. If both partners indicated the same religious affiliation, we listed it only once. The descendants of each of the eight children brought to the USA by Peter are recorded in separate sections of the book. We have provided an index at the back of the book. Here married couples will appear twice; once with the name of the descendant first, followed by the marriage partner's name and also in the reverse. The number following the names in the index refers to family, or entry, not page.

In the interest of using less space, we have used abbreviations extensively. Here is a list of some we used.

b ... = born dau ... = daughter
d ... = died asst .. = assistant
m ... = married empl .. = employed
div.. = divorced Lag Co. = Lagrange County
All the US states Elk Co. = Elkhart County
Other common abbreviations

Much of the information in this book came from you in answer to our requests. The records of births and deaths recorded at Speyer, Germany... (Login to see remaining two thirds)